Mikrotik Backup v4.x

Installation    (top)

To install MTBackup, copy the program files into their own folder, for instance: C:\MTBACKUP.
The file list is:
version 4.4 and earlier:
version 4.5 and later:
version 4.8 and later:
MTbackup will create 5 more files during operation:
If you are already using an earlier version of MTbackup, simply copy mtbackup.exe and
help.html into your current MTbackup folder. It will automatically use your existing
mtbackup.dat database.

Setup    (top)

When you first use MTbackup, click the setup tab and enter the particulars for your

If you have not registered your copy, your backup will be limited to the first 5 routers
in your backup list.

Under the Files section:
Each day when a backup is ran it keeps a unique file filename in the format:
routerName_backupDate.backup and/or routerName_backupDate.rsc
depending on the type of files you choose to create.

Enter the number of days to keep files. Files older (in days) that what are entered here
will be deleted automatically after each backup.

If you use a non-standard port for SSH and SFTP, you can change the port number here.
The default is 22.

Lastly, choose the type of files to backup; plain text RSC or the proprietary Mikrotik backup
file format.

Using MTbackup    (top)

MTbackup is straight forward. Once you have completed the setup process, simply enter and save
each router that you want to have backed up.
Each router must have a password and SSH must be enabled.

When executed, MTbackup will log into each router using SSH (port 22) and the username/password you provide. Then, it performs the selected backup procedure (RSC or BACKUP file).
Lastly, it uses secure FTP (port 22) to download the file(s) to the DATA folder, which is
created as a sub-directory of the folder holding the MTBackup program files.

To schedule MTbackup to run automatically, simply add the /autorun switch.
For example: mtbackup4.exe /autorun
This will run the backup procedure without opening the GUI and will quit the program
when the backup is completed. In autorun mode, any errors will be recorded in errlog.txt,
found in the MTbackup program directory.

Utilities    (top)

MTbackup includes several useful utilities under the "Utility" tab.

Your data can be exported into CSV or XLS format. Simply choose your format, specify a complete path/file name, and click "export".

HTML report: Click the HTML report checkbox and specify a complete path/file and when the backup runs, an HTML file will be generated. XML report: Click the XML report checkbox and specify a complete path/file and when the backup runs, a XML file will be generated. This can be used with the free MTBackup Droid app.

The Debugger checkbox generates helpful error code. You do not need it unless instructed to do so by tech support.

MTBackup now comes with a conversion utility that will import your router list from a CSV file.
The syntax is:
convert myCsv.csv
The CSV must be structured in this way: routerName,routerIP,userName,password
Make a backup of your MTBackup.dat file before attempting conversion!

Support    (top)

Having problems? Here are a few things to check:

For other questions, technical support or wish list items, please contact shawn@andersonMIS.com.

Thanks for trying MTbackup!

Revision History    (top)

v4.1 bug fixes/improvements:
Improved reliability of SSH and SFTP when multiple files created and downloaded.

v4.2 bug fixes/improvements:
Updated data file cleanup procedure so it only deletes .rsc and .backup files that are
outside the date scope.

v4.3b bug fixes/improvements:
Fixed bug in file cleanup procedure

v4.3c bug fixes/improvements:
Removed erroneous error checking code on SFTP download that sometimes threw OLEVERB exception.

v4.3d bug fixes/improvements:
Put in improved error checking code on SFTP download that sometimes threw OLEVERB exception.

v4.3e bug fixes/improvements:
Checked for no backup file types being checked and mtBackup.ini has not been created so that
a controlled error is thrown.
Updated csftpav6.dll for RouterOS 5.x

v4.4 bug fixes/improvements:
Resets flags when a router cannot be logged into so that the remaining batch will not fail

v4.5 bug fixes/improvements:
Re-compiled with newest PB10 and updated ftp/ssh library
Added UTILITY tab, allowing for export of data and debugging functions

v4.6 bug fixes/improvements:
Added the ability to export results to a HTML file

v4.7 bug fixes/improvements:
Added the ability to export results to a XML file.
Created free MTBackup Droid app.

v4.73 bug fixes/improvements:
Fixed bug when in autorun mode where if a backup errored on a router, every router after that would time out.

v4.75 bug fixes/improvements:
Fixed timeout problem when multiple backup types were selected.
Added the ability to specify a different port.
Updated SSH/FTP libraries to newest available version.
Added DATE/TIME stamp to XML output.

v4.76 bug fixes/improvements:
Addressed "invalid handle" timeout problem.
Added "x of n" counter when processing in GUI

v4.77 bug fixes/improvements:
Added the ability to set the timeout function between downloading of backup files.
This may be useful if your backup files are very large and the procedure closes the connection
before the download is complete.

v4.78 (private iteration)

v4.79 bug fixes/improvements:
Added the ability to backup selected routers.
Made the output information cleaner and more understandable.
Fixed a bug when using non-standard ports.
Improved speed of sFTP functions.
Added a "cancel backup" function.

(v4.80-4.82 internal iterations)

v4.83 bug fixes/improvements:
Added ability to designate directory where data files are stored

v4.83.1 bug fixes/improvements:
Fixed nbsBackup/MTBackup filename bug

v4.83.2 bug fixes/improvements:
Fixed data cleanup bug

Fixed file cleanup bug

Updated socket library
fixed SSH initialization bug ("not licensed for...")

Threaded backup to keep dialog window responsive during backup

code cleanup - no customer facing changes

fixed FTP release before running a 2nd time from GUI
added Verbose output in GUI

fixed write to XML/HTML bug

code cleanup - no customer facing changes

fixed bug when multiple files are downloaded and program receives an error when SSH'ing into router

Added a pause at the end of each router iteration to allow the worker thread to finish writing to output files.
Updated DLL that was causing a deadlock condition on some occations where the batch backups were run more than once.
Tested with ROS v6.42.6

Changed length of router name to 255 chars (from 30) and IP address to 255 chars (from 15) to accommodate hostnames.
Added "clear" buttons for the router input fields and the output field.

Resizable backup window